About us


Our vision is to be among the highest quality, and most respected design firm in the world. MOHEN DESIGN INTERNATIONAL is a network of inventive, integrated teams crafting superior architecture and design solutions for clients across Asia and around the globe. Our goal is to build relationships with our peers, our environment and most importantly, with our clients. We believe success is a mutual endeavor, benefiting our clients and our firm. Working as a team, MOHEN DESIGN INTERNATIONAL






Pursue excellence and quality in all aspects of our work

Create a nurturing and collaborative environment

Practice integrity and respect in our relationships

Strive for profitability in order to re-invest in our people, resources, and ideas

Practice in an environmentally responsible manner in all aspects of our work


尊重环境也是我们很重视的核心概念之一。我们的最终愿景是透过我们在各种设计理念上的创新能够让人们重新思考生活的各种可能性和生活的意义,并进而促进更高的社会价值。 Our vision provides the ideas, insights and innovations that enhance human culture and everyday life. Simply put, our vision is as strong today as it was 70 years ago: to craft ideas and buildings that honor the broader goals of society.


我们视每一个客户为长期合作的战略伙伴。并透过良好的互动和完整的前期分析最终达到一个符合美学,机能,及预算造价控制的最终结果。 MOHEN DESIGN INTERNATIONAL's is a multidisciplinary design practice offering services encompassing all aspects of space planning, interior design and project management. We view every project as an opportunity to establish a long-term relationship with our clients to achieve results responsive to their aesthetic, functional and budgetary goals.


牧桓建筑 + 灯光设计顾问擅长各种不同风格的设计。透过对每个客户的了解之后,然后为其量身策划一个适合他最恰当风格。我们对风格的了解是极其专业而且精准的,而不是那种对风格掌握一知半解的大杂烩。风格的最终的定位更进一步融入每一个客户独特的偏好和品味,成为只有他拥有的独一无二的风格。 MOHEN DESIGN INTERNATIONAL's philosophy is primarily based on the believe that excellently designed interiors can only be realized by a clear understanding and a thorough developed feeling to discriminate trends. This results in timeless design and leads the way to achieve a well-balanced style. Thus allowing our clients to merge their preferences and different styles to one broad harmonious living environment. Our familiarity with international standards and construction practices enables us to realize projects of high quality in the local environment. We have completed projects throughout Southeast Asia and Japan; we are able to offer clients one point of contact for their regional facilities needs.


我们熟悉国际设计标准并了解区域性的施工技朮及难度,因此我们不只是一个专业的设计事务所,更精确的说,我们的设计是可以在现场实作的出来的。因为我们在实务上的经验,我们是可以彻底实践我们提出的设计概念。 开创和结合新的施工技朮和艺朮工艺是牧桓建筑 + 灯光顾问非常重视的一环。不轮是住家设计或是各种商业空间设计,致与客户一个舒适的环境是我们努力不懈的目标。 MOHEN DESIGN INTERNATIONAL's aim is to plan and implement appropriate state of the art contemporary technical developments in order to give our clients an utmost level of comfort, for their residential or commercial projects. We are aware that our profession goes hand in hand with the realization of our client's dreams and we are honored that so many of them put their dreams into our hands and let us be a part of this sensitive process.

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