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A professional interior and lighting design from in Shanghai China Taiwan and Tokyo. Creating innovative schemes for residential, contract, offce and hospitality design.


牧桓建筑 + 灯光设计顾问是一个由建筑师和室内设计师组成的得奖设计顾问公司。由赵牧桓( Hank M. Chao )先生于1997年成立以来,现已逐渐演变成为台北、上海、重庆、东京等地的一个跨国际的设计领域平台。除了建筑、室内设计、家俱、灯光等设计作品外,在专业论述的发表上亦不遗余力。如今,作品已受到包括德国、西班牙、美国、日本、澳洲、台湾和中国大陆等诸多设计媒体的广泛肯定及刊载。 MOHEN DESIGN INTERNATIONAL is an award-winning company creating schemes for residential, contract, office and hospitality design in Shanghai, Chongqing, Tokyo and Taiwan. The practice was initially set up by Mr. Hank M. Chao as a platform for cross-disciplinary collaborations. Today the German, Spanish, American, Japanese, Australian, Taiwanese and Chinese press has reviewed the practice' s work.

牧桓建筑 + 灯光设计顾问的作品类型涵盖公共建筑物到住家设计

牧桓建筑 + 灯光设计顾问的作品类型涵盖公共建筑物到住家设计。尤其对设计公共商业建筑及与开发商合作有丰富经验,并特别擅长于酒吧、俱乐部、餐厅、旅馆和私人别墅的设计。在对颜色、光和几何学的独特掌握和灵活运用下,牧桓设计的空间始终是优美、灵动而别具风格的。 MOHEN DESIGN INTERNATIONAL projects range from public buildings to individual interiors for private clients. The practice has particular experience in the leisure and hospitality industry, developers, focusing on the design of contemporary bars, clubs and restaurants, hotels and private villas. Using a unique language of color, light and geometry,our interiors are sensuous and eventful. Space is carefully choreographed into stylish environments.

牧桓建筑 + 灯光设计顾问

在牧桓建筑 + 灯光设计顾问我们这里,每一个设计工作,在专业顾问辅助下,都是一次全新的案例,而非因循抄袭。每一次设计服务都被我们视为是概念的探索和品牌的延伸。并且在与平面设计师、摄影师、媒体顾问及艺朮家的合作中,我们能为之提供更全面的设计服务。 Each design is treated individually and developed with the help of specialist consultants. Traditional architectural services are complemented with concept and brand development. Established contacts to graphic designers, photographers, media consultants, individual artists offer extended interdisciplinary support.

牧桓建筑 + 灯光设计顾问

牧桓建筑 + 灯光设计顾问了解空间的形成,是一个团队合作的过程,且涉及许多层面。与客户的密切联系沟通将是最佳化设计方案的必要条件。不管项目的大小,我们都秉持一贯的设计热诚和对细节的注重,并辅以三维媒体让客户与我们一起讨论和参与设计。 We understand the making of architecture as a multi-layered and collaborative process. Close contact to the client is important to develop optimized design solutions. Each project regardless of its size is treated with equal passion and attention to detail. 3-d visualizations allow an immediate insight into an evolving project and form the basis for successful dialogue.

牧桓建筑 + 灯光设计顾问有丰富的经验

牧桓建筑 + 灯光设计顾问有丰富的经验,在配合客户的期望下追求创新的设计。同时,我们也一直要求自己兼顾高质量的设计、工艺技朮和合理控制造价预算。 We have diversified practice that focuses on clients wishing to pursue innovative design strategies. The crew are committed to high quality design and have years of experience controlling their craftsmanship skill and design budget.

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